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If you don't like the road you're walking

start paving another one.

-Dolly Parton

Meet Luciana

I am passionate about helping people reach their fullest potential, to truly embody what they want to be in this world.

My personal journey has taken me through the field of psychology, the art of coaching, the pain and enlightenment of self-awareness, and the joy and freedom of transformational practices.

There is nothing too small or too great that cannot benefit from a guide, from someone who can help open your eyes to all the unknown possibilities that are around you and within you.

Meet Luciana

Practice Areas

Here are the ways you can work with me.

Feeling stuck and unsatisfied in your work? Wanting to explore what else is out there for you? Scared to leave the safety of your current job but sick of the idea of sticking around?

Feeling like there are parts of you yearning to be expressed? Like there

is more to your life but you can't figure out what? Like you have a passion project that you can't get off the ground? Like you want to find more balance? Like you are ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you sick of yo-yo dieting? Are you tired of hating your body? Do you want to finally stop obsessing about food? Do you feel like it's impossible to make healthy choices when you are so busy?

Feeling like you want to connect with a loved one but can’t figure out how? Like there is an ongoing conflict that keeps you from getting the closeness you want? Like your relationships have grown stale and patterned—whether it’s with a family member, intimate partner or boss?

Do you feel overwhelmed with life? Like you just can't do some of the basic things that are expected of you? That it is hard to experience joy and fulfillment? That changing your thinking patterns feels near impossible?

Practice Areas

Thank you for activating me today. You are rainbows and magic. I just published a blog post and sent my first email blast which I was scared to do for reasons unknown to me. I said what was true, the type of work I do and how it can't be boxed. I feel so good! 

- Ariel Snapp, Longmont, CO

While I was open to being coached, I didn't realize the deep impact working with Luciana would have on my day-to-day. Over the last few months working together, Luciana and I have spanned a wide variety of topics, from personal finance to my relationship. Her gentle, but effective coaching style has helped me see behavioral patterns and emotional triggers that I had been ignoring, while learning how to work through negative thoughts that don't serve me. 

Our time together has helped me face tough situations with a deep understanding of who I am at my core, and has empowered me to best to handle conflict. The main takeaway for me is that when I'm in a stuck place, I know that talking about it with Luciana can help me figure out how to move forward.

- R. Roberts, Washington, D.C


Luciana is absolutely wonderful. At the time I was immensely struggling with my work life balance, between a stressful and time-consuming tenure track position and 2 young children at home. The stress had been impacting my eating habits and my digestive system, and I was out of coping mechanisms. Luciana helped restore balance in all areas of my life. My diet and digestive problems improved and she provided insightful coping mechanisms to help me deal with the stress of work and family life.


Thanks to her I managed to take a deep look into myself and uncover issues I had been struggling with for most of my life. This led to a transformation and the emergence of a positive outlook that has permeated through every area of my life. Luciana was truly a revelation and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- M.R., Ann-Arbor Michigan 

When I first connected with Luciana, I thought to myself that this was an opportunity that I could not pass up. It's really wonderful to be honest and raw with a person that is not in the midst of your life. She helped put together all the pieces that were floating around in my head. Luciana gave me advice and exercises  on how to better my relationship with food and even more with myself. I felt a sense of comfort and security to really open up with Luciana, she has that way about her that makes you feel safe. She has helped me remember what it's like to actually enjoy food again, to manage better the stress in my life, but most importantly she has helped me to let go of the notion that everything has to be perfect and forgive myself. The impact she has made at this time with me will reside for a lifetime.

- Lissanelly Alvarez, Washington, D.C.

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