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Helplessness and Despair



Did you know that your pain is a doorway to self-actualization?

That the darkness you are in right now is where you will find your brightest light?


We may hear things like this all the time and not believe them… That’s because only by going through the darkness can you truly understand what it feels like.

Only you can find the gifts from your grief. A coach can help you learn to be with your despair until you find the way through and out.

Feeling helpless does not mean that there isn't a way out.

What is Learned Helplessness?


Helplessness is sometimes learned. It is when we stay with pain and suffering even when it is avoidable. The famous psychologist, Martin Seligman discovered this in his work with dogs. When dogs are put in closed cages where they get an electric shock that they can’t escape, they learn to see the shock as inescapable. So when they are put in a different cage with an open top that they can jump over, they continue to endure the shock even when they can now escape it. On the other hand, dogs that weren’t exposed to the inescapable shock learn to jump out of the cage.


Sometimes we do not realize that we are in a different situation than the one in which we learned to be helpless and that we can break free of what is ailing us. A coach can expand your vision, and show you the places where there is an out!

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