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Transform Your Relationship with Food and Body

Weight Loss

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection

Weight-loss plans and fad diets - they’re everywhere. What makes Mind Body Eating different?

      1. Lasting change​

All the plans and diets you see out there are like get-rich-quick schemes. They can help you lose weight for a little while, but then then it comes back on. Then what happens? You see yet another ad promising the results you want. So you spend more money on basically the same thing but from a different company… you repeat this cycle several times, getting more and more discouraged!


Mind Body Eating is not a fast fixer-upper. It’s about getting off the diet train and stepping onto a confident and relaxed you.

     2. Personalized

How is it possible that those other one-size-fits-all diet plans work for everyone? Mind Body Eating recognizes that everyone is different: body type, metabolism, lifestyle, goals, and mindset… and these are all part of the permanent change puzzle.

If you are struggling with:

  • Binge / emotional eating

  • Body hate

  • Digestive Issues


… it’s time to stop obsessing over what you can do to change things from the outside and start looking inside. There is strong scientific evidence for the power of the mind-body connection. Many times our body-related troubles are actually  “symptoms” of what is going on in our minds.


Life is busy and hectic. It’s so much easier to suppress and ignore our feelings than explore them. But, when we ignore what is happening in our heads, the heart and gut react. They use symptoms to send us the signal that something is wrong. The symptoms are saying, “please, pay attention to me, listen to what I have to say!” Doing something is not always about changing your diet, exercising more, reaching your perfect weight, or going through hoops to stop your binge eating...


It is often about exploring what is happening in your life, your relationships, your work, your self-talk. This is NOT a quick fix. But it is a lasting change—it can free you from what has been holding you back all this time.

Go beyond the quick-fix and the empty promises…

heal yourself from the inside out, and find true and lasting change

When health goals go wrong

Our intention to get “healthy” is good, but the way we go about it is often misguided. We torture our bodies with super low calorie diets, cutting out carbs, fats, desserts, thus taking away important sources of bodily pleasure. We overtire the body with punishing workouts, and try to compensate for low energy with intensely caffeinated drinks. We then wonder why we are anxious, stressed, and why our bodies are not “shaping up” as we want them to.


A coach can help you find a truly sustainable way to achieve your health goals, one that will allow you to make peace with mind and body.

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